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A mere 90 miles off the southernmost United States coast in Key West, Florida lies Cuba: the largest Island in the Caribbean as well as the most populous. The island nation has a rich history dating back to pre-Columbian times. It was first inhabited by indigenous groups such as the Taino and the Siboney, who would give names to regions still in use today such as Camaguey, Bayamo, and the capital itself: Havana.

Christopher Columbus landed on the island during his first voyage in 1492 and described it as “the fairest island human eyes have yet beheld”. The Spanish set about to explore Cuba and found excellent harbors, fertile soil, and a warm climate. The island was immediately claimed by Columbus as a colony of Spain, a status it would maintain until 1898, when the island was seized from Spain by the United States at the end of the Spanish-American War. Control of the island was however handed over to a brand new Cuban government in 1902. In 1959 Fidel Castro led a revolutionary movement which deposed President Fulgencio Batista and installed a new socialist government led by Castro until 2008, when leadership was passed to his younger brother Raul Castro.

Columbus’ description of the island holds true to this day. Despite Cuba’s size, it holds a surprisingly diverse geography. When you explore Cuba there is a lot to see. From its various southeastern mountain ranges, to its extensive plains, pristine white sand beaches of Guardalavaca, swampy mangroves of the Zapata Peninsula, or the arid desert-like Guantanamo, one could spend a lifetime discovering new postcard worthy views and still this eclectic island would have more to offer. Cuba’s eclecticism is no limited to its geography however; bustling metropolises and cobbled stone paved colonial towns are as common a mix as the Afro Cuban rhythms that accompany the Spanish guitars heard throughout the picturesque island.

Explore Cuba by Region

Western Cuba

Explore Cuba capital Havana

Experience the quintessential Cuban destinations, from the majesty of Viñales valley’s landscapes, to the ocean breeze of Habana’s Malecon, all the way to the white sand beaches of Varadero. When you explore Cuba, visiting Havana is a must…

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Central Cuba

Trinidad in Central Cuba

Deviate from the beaten path and as you visit beautiful Cienfuegos, known as the ‘Pearl of the South’. Relieve a part of history when you visit the final resting place of Che Guevara in Santa Clara. Visit one of the best preserved colonial towns: Trinidad…

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Eastern Cuba

Santiago de Cuba cathedral

Get lost in the eclectic culture of Cuba’s second city Santiago de Cuba, wedged between the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra Maestra mountains… or enjoy a mojito on a beach in one of the many resorts around Guardalavaca…

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